Lyme Regis

As a rule plan your photo trip or day, have an idea of what your going to shoot and what sort of images you want to produce, planning is the key.

Unlike my trip to Lyme Regis, spur of the moment thing, jumped in the car drove to Lyme Regis, shot a number of images and total disappointment a wasted day, and very cold.

hey ho that's life :)  

4 Days in Chernobyl

Ok have booked the flights, hotel and transport for four days two full photographic days in Chernobyl and Pripryat the city where the workers from the reactor sight lived, hoping to get some genuinely moving pictures but still trying figure out how to say hello goodbye and thank you in Russian.

Might just have to revert to english translation, that's talk loudly and point :), fingers crossed for good weather and friendly people.